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Partnering with Phluit is a sweet deal. We get more business, you get more cash. We’ve been around for a while, so you can trust us. We’ll pay you %33 for each qualified convertion, and our team will help you grow your business so you can earn even more on Phluit Affiliates.

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Our affiliate specialists will have your back, rain or shine, sleet or snow.

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Our affiliate specialists will have your back, rain or shine, sleet or snow.

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Regular bonuses

Our affiliate specialists will have your back, rain or shine, sleet or snow.

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Get quick answers via live-chat technical support in under two minutes. Your enterprise doesn’t need long waits with a ticket system or tiered support. Only useful and in real-time replies.

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Our live chat support team and site migration experts extend your team’s capabilities and allow you to focus on scaling your business. We’ll handle even the hardest migrations for free.

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Affiliate Faqs

  • I Just Made a Referral, but It Wasn’t Tracked.. What can I do?

    Phluit's affiliate dashboard can take up to 24 hours to show a new referral, so give it some time. To see your conversions, log in to the dashboard and check the ‘Referred customers’ area. If your referral doesn’t display after 24h, you can claim it by reaching out to within 14 days of the subscription date. 

  • Do I Need to Be a Phluit Client to Become an Affiliate?

    No. But you should try our hosting services, they’re pretty awesome!

  • Can I ever get a discount coupon for my clients?

    Sure thing! Log in to your reseller account and raise a support ticket. Our friendly team will craft a discount code just for you, tailored to your preferences.

  • What are the affiliate program’s commission payout terms?

    Our payout turnaround for qualified sales is 2 months + 10 days after the month the sale occurred in. This is to account for Phluit's amazing 30-day money-back guarantee which makes our hosting easy to try, at no risk! 

  • How do you track sales?

    We track referrals using both affiliate links and custom coupon codes. You can use either method, and you will be credited for a sale as long as the signup meets all of our terms and conditions.

  • How do I measure my sales performance?

    Sure, I can help you with that. Once you're logged into Impact, you'll see a link to "Resources Links" on your dashboard page. Click on that link, and then locate the "Request a Custom Promo Code" section. You'll find step-by-step instructions, including screenshots, on how to request a custom promo code.

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