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Cloud SSD Based Platform for optimal Uptime and Speed

All our Cloud-based Services are built on top of the latest, industry-standard hardware components so that we can ensure that every website will no longer have to suffer the consequences of maintaining the regular Bare Metal machines.

Phluit utilizes KVM® virtualization in order to provide up to 99.9% uptime for all customers’ websites and to ensure that there will be no data loss due to failures in the hardware components.

How do we do that? The Cloud infrastructure allows for each component to be replaced when the time comes in a way that it does not affect any of the hosted websites. This is achieved thanks to redundant Storage Replication built to allow the hot-swap of SSD Storage, RAM, or CPU units without the need for the whole system going down.


High-Speed Connectivity and unmatched Network performance

To be able to utilize the stability and speed that our infrastructure offers, we maintain a high speed, redundant network that connects visitors to the websites hosted on our services with very low latency.

Our Network is separated into two layers – Internal and External.

The internal layer, also known as a local network, is used for the local communication needs of our servers. That layer allows for multiple servers in the same data center to share basically 0 latency when communicating with one another. This is particularly useful when our customers require load balancing or remote SQL solutions, available only on our Cloud SSD VPS and Dedicated Servers Hosting Plans.

The External Layer resembles a high-speed remote network connecting all the websites with their visitors.

Both networks are enhanced with network failover feature that ensures their uptime and reliability.


We don't stop when others do

Thanks to the outstanding performance of our 24/7/365 available Technical Support Team, we are able to provide services that other Web Hosting Companies consider as unsupported.

No matter if our customers would like to have some complex Server Setup architecture such as Load Balancers or they need some third-party service installed on their Web Hosting Plan, we are always taking the extra mile.

Knowledge is power, that is why during the communication with our Technical Support Team, our customers will find a detailed, explanatory type of replies so everyone can better understand and learn about our Services!

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