All-in-one Security Solutions for your websites!

The overall security of our Web Hosting Solutions is achieved thanks to the incredible selection of security components, working together to protect every website from the most common threats and attacks!

The Benefits of Phluit Security Solutions

Fast Patching

We will patch any security vulnerability on a server level as soon as it gets reported!

Daily Backups

All Shared Hosting Plans come with a complimentary daily backups as standard!

Account Isolation

Account isolation prevents the users of our Shared Hosting Plans interacting with the of each other!

Protection beyond your expectations!

To provide an all-around security solution for our customers, we have conditionally
separated our security efforts and tools into two major Fleets!

Web Server Security

Our Web Server Security fleet takes care of every security aspect of our web servers. From surveilling the web traffic to every shared web hosting server to identifying and denying incoming attacks, the security components we utilize are there to protect your visitors and your website from malicious activities!

Environment Security

Our Environment Security Fleet focuses efforts in identifying and mitigating already existing security threats across all our servers. Protecting our clients against common code injected exploits and regularly performing malware scans across all our servers, our Environment security will prevent malware spread across client’s accounts!


Every website, no matter static or dynamic, utilizes a web server in order to deliver content to its visitors. Therefore, the webserver is considered as a critical hub for the distribution of malware and the main door that allows exploits to come in and out of the whole web hosting environment. For these reasons, we strongly believe that keeping the “door” closed for exploits and open for legitimate users is probably one of the most significant challenges a web hosting company can face.

Environment Security Fleet

Every website operates within a particular directory on the web hosting environment where all the files associated with the website are being hosted. In many cases, these files might get infected by an attacker with the purpose of those being abused for either further attacks or for the extraction of personal information by the visitors of the infected website.

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