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Please use this form to submit a report regarding a violation of the applicable Terms of Service on a domain name, web site, or system maintained through subsidiaries or brands operated by Phluit. This form is only for reporting certain violations of our Terms of Service. If you are a customer and need assistance with your services, please contact customer service or login to your account. 

We strive to make the Web a better place and consider the abuse of our services a serious matter. We investigate and record all reports of abuse submitted to us. Where appropriate, we may act if a violation of any of our Terms of Service is confirmed or when required to do so if an activity violates the policies of ICANN or appropriate registry. 

Once submission of an abuse report is received, we will create a unique case ID in our system that we will use to track the report. This unique ID will be referenced in any subsequent correspondence to you relating to your report. We may request additional information from you about your report. However, please note that any response will be provided at our sole discretion, and we may not be able to provide you with specific updates in response to your report due to privacy reasons. 

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