360 Monitoring

Nip website woes in the bud before they turn into visitor woes.

Configurable dashboards, easy set-up, & custom tools: Your 360° server uptime solution.

What Is 360 Site Monitoring?

Unleash the power of 360 Site Monitoring and banish downtime into oblivion! Our unified, panel-agnostic solution for multi-server and multi-site management is the ultimate key to unlocking customer peace of mind and robust resource monitoring.

Monitor load times and responsiveness with regular scans and metrics you can use.

Maximize uptime by resolving website problems before they happen with instant alerting.

Prevent downtime and boost visibility and customer experiences with 360 Monitoring!

How Does 360 Monitoring Help My Website?

Downtime Monitoring

Get instant alerts when your website is offline! Make sure your site is always up.

Performance Monitoring

Make sure your website performs faster and ranks higher in search engine results!

Geo Monitoring

Learn about location-specific problems in your websites.

Keyword Monitoring

Monitor website sources for specific words and phrases and set up alerts for their presence or absence.

Port Monitoring

Check responsiveness of HTTP/S for web traffic, TCP for network connectivity issues or firewall blockages, and ICMP (ping) for availability.

SSL Monitoring

Get alerted about SSL/TLS certificate expirations and make sure that your visitors can always access your website securely.

Complete Website Uptime Monitoring

Unnoticed downtime is a thing of the past with 360 Site Monitoring. Check the DNS time, SSL validity, keywords, and beyond, testing from 26 locations globally.

Unlock Additional Flexibility

As well as being fitted with ready-made monitoring options, 360 Monitoring also provides out-of-the-box integrations with top database and server technologies. You can even create custom plugins based on your specific needs.

Frequent Scans & Personalized Alerting

Never miss a notification again: when 360 Monitoring flags an issue, receive an alert directly to your preferred notification channel. With monitoring intervals up to 60 seconds, data retention up to 30 days, and historical data up to 2 years.

Get Alerts Via Your Favorite App

Be the first to know when your site is down or performing poorly!

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360 Monitoring Faqs

  • What is Website Monitoring?

    Website Monitoring tests websites for uptime, performance, and overall function. It verifies that your site is up, running, and accessible for visitors. Website Monitoring results will let you resolve any issues with your site before they impact your business.

  • How does Performance Monitoring work?

    Performance Monitoring tools and processes check how well the system is running by monitoring system resources like CPU use, memory consumption, disk usage, input/output (I/O) performance, and network uptime.

  • How does SSL Monitoring work?

    With SSL Monitoring, you can track your SSL certificates and plan ahead for expirations, ensuring seamless certificate management.

  • What languages are supported?

    360 Monitoring supports English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Russian.

  • Are there any extra fees for notifications?

    All paid plans allow unlimited multi-channel alerts. Some carriers may charge additional fees for data use or SMS messages.

  • What is Full Site Check?

    Full Site Check protects your online presence against errors. It crawls your entire website or online store and identifies dead links, broken images, JavaScript errors, and many more anomalies, helping avoid website issues.

  • How does Website Monitoring work?

    Website Monitoring performs tests on your website at regular intervals (every 1, 5, or 10 minutes, depending on your plan). These tests detect problems with your website. When an issue is detected, 360 Monitoring sends an alert and records the issue for later analysis.

  • Why is Performance Monitoring important?

    Performance Monitoring is crucial in identifying performance issues before they hurt your business. Its system resource findings also let you proactively plan for your future needs.

  • What locations are supported for monitoring?

    You can perform monitoring from anywhere in the world, with monitoring locations in Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

  • Can I upgrade my plan?

    Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time.

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