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Unlock Phluit's Potential: Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting with an Agency Partner Program, empowering your core business, streamlining costs, and simplifying client site management. Phluit - the ultimate choice for agencies in search of top-notch WordPress Hosting.


Have confidence that your clients' websites will operate at lightning speed. Each one operates on Google Cloud Platform's top-tier CPU machines, leveraging their fastest and most dependable Premium Tier Network. Additionally, you can select from over 35 data centers and 260+ CDN PoPs for optimal performance.



Avoid excessive payments for dedicated servers that compel your clients to share resources. With our hosting plans, each site operates within its own isolated container, ensuring dedicated resources. Experience improved performance and uptime with cost-effective efficiency!


Rest easy knowing your client sites will stay online. We've got it covered. We monitor sites every 2 minutes, swiftly addressing any issues that arise. Traffic spikes or problems on one site won't impact others. Each site is isolated, optimized, and individually cached.

World-Class Security

Your clients' sites are secure, shielded by enterprise-level Cloudflare DDoS protection and a web application firewall. You're supported by our Malware Security Pledge: we rectify hacks at no cost. Additionally, every site you migrate receives a complimentary malware cleaning.

Explore plans for every stage of your business

  • WordPress Installs
    WordPress Installs
  • Visits
  • Storage
  • PHP Workers
    PHP Workers
  • CDN (North America & Europe)
    CDN (North America & Europe)
  • 24/7/365 Support
    24/7/365 Support
Tiny Agency
  • WordPress Installs
  • Visits
  • Storage
    25 GB
  • PHP Workers
  • CDN (North America & Europe)
    400 GB
  • 24/7/365 Support
Small Agency
  • WordPress Installs
  • Visits
  • Storage
    50 GB
  • PHP Workers
  • CDN (North America & Europe)
    800 GB
  • 24/7/365 Support
Medium Agency
  • WordPress Installs
  • Visits
  • Storage
    100 GB
  • PHP Workers
  • CDN (North America & Europe)
    1,200 GB
  • 24/7/365 Support
Agency Grande
  • WordPress Installs
  • Visits
  • Storage
    150 GB
  • PHP Workers
  • CDN (North America & Europe)
    2,000 GB
  • 24/7/365 Support
Giant Agency
  • WordPress Installs
  • Visits
  • Storage
    250 GB
  • PHP Workers
  • CDN (North America & Europe)
    5,000 GB
  • 24/7/365 Support

Mindless tasks or Crafting Business Brilliance?

Rev up Your Productivity: Drastically reduce maintenance and management time, giving you the freedom to innovate and create cutting-edge experiences for your clients, thanks to our automated systems. Experience a seamless migration as we transfer all your clients' websites at no cost. Let our team of seasoned WordPress migration experts tackle the heavy lifting. Uncover the ultimate time- and cost-saving solution with our sleek WordPress Hosting for agencies!

Unlimited Free Migrations

Phluit will migrate all sites for free. No matter how complex, from portfolios to large ecommerce stores. Your clients won’t experience any downtime when moving.

Multiple Backup Options

Each site is automatically backed each day. Instantly roll back if needed. Backups are stored for 30 days with six types of backups and an optional external backup add-on.

Free SSL With Renewals

Renewing SSL for all your clients can be a major time suck. With Phluit DNS and our Cloudflare integration, renewals are automatic. You don’t have to do anything!

24/7/365 Support From
Phluit Experts

Get technical support from Phluit experts in less than two minutes.
No ticket system or tiered support. Only useful and in real-time replies.

An Extension of Your Team

Our live chat support team and site migration experts extend your team’s capabilities and allow you to focus on scaling your business. We’ll handle even the hardest migrations for free.

Tools Your Developers Want/Need

49% Faster Edge Caching

Enhance your client’s site speed with a single click in the Phluit Client Area, boosting it by up to 49%. Activate Edge Caching to deliver static HTML elements from one of 275+ data centers near your users, ensuring faster performance globally.

All Taken Care Of

We don’t just take care of hosting. We provide perks and tools to help you grow your business.

Early Access

Get early access to Beta tools. Test them out and give feedback to have a direct influence on your toolset.

Free Hosting for Your Site

Your agency site is hosted for free. You’ll get the same high-performance and secure hosting we provide to your clients, plus you’ll know your way around.

White Label

Easily resell our hosting to your client by removing Phluit branding from the WordPress admin.

Elevated value for clients.
Amplified margins for
your business.

Catapult your clients' websites to premier hosting,
providing the finest service, and boost your profits
by boosting their profits.

Got questions?
Well, we've got answers.

Agency Solution Faqs

  • How long will it take to migrate all my sites to Phluit Agency?

    The amount of time and energy that a migration to Phluit will take is heavily dependent on the volume of sites, their existing code, and what (if any) changes need to be made to help optimize them for Phluit. That said, our target for launches is 7 days from the day of signing.

  • Do you offer hosting for a single high-resource site?

    Certainly. Our single-site plans are designed for individuals requiring hosting for a solitary WordPress installation that demands resources beyond the typical website.

  • Do you provide custom plans?

    Unable to locate a standard plan that meets your requirements? Contact Phluit's Sales team to have a tailored plan crafted specifically for your needs. Get in touch with sales to discover the perfect plan for you.

  • Is Phluit hosting designed for WooCommerce shops?

    Absolutely! The top WooCommerce shops choose Phluit and reap the benefits of hosting their shops on top-performing and highly secure infrastructure.

  • Do you provide special agency offers for WordPress hosting?

    Jumpstart your agency and get unlimited free migrations, free Pro plan hosting for your agency site, and a white-labeled Clear Cache plugin. Plus, we'll cover your first month of client site hosting as a limited-time bonus! (Triple the value with annual billing!)

  • How does white labeling work?

    Phluit branding appears in two locations on the WP admin screen: the left-menu "Phluit Cache" item (sometimes) and the footer message "Thanks for creating with WordPress and hosting with Phluit."

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