Managed Database Hosting


Use our infrastructure to its fullest to make the best of what Phluit has to offer for database performance

We’ve been running premium managed hosting for years

Why are Phluit databases so fast

Phluit’s dedicateddatabase  hosting solutions ensure your databases fly with top-performance CPUs and RAM, free from the constraints of shared hosting. Imagine: blazing-fast queries, seamless scalability, and unwavering stability.

For Any Need

Leave the complexity of database administration to us. We’ll handle setting up, backing up, and updating so you can focus on building great apps. Quickly and easily spin up a high-performance database cluster.


Build scalable, high performance apps using our MongoDB cloud service. Fully backed by Phluit


Build high throughput, low latency data streams without the complexity of managing their infrastructure.


We’ll handle the complexity of your PostgreSQL administration with extreme ease.


We’ll handle the complexity of MySQL administration, so you can focus on building great apps.

Focus On Business, Not Hosting.

Our small business hosting is optimized for WordPress, with

features that will save you time (which is, after all, money).

Unlimited users

for your team for free collaboration

ver (74)

Unlimited databases

within your account

Unlimited usage

with no row limits or query count limits

Metrics and analytics

to see and track resource usage

All 9 regions globally

with all CPU, RAM, and disk size options

Unlimited free internal traffic

for apps and DBs hosted at Phluit

Crystal-Clear Pricing: Pay Only for What You Play!

Know exactly what
you're getting for your money.

Scale as you go
from $18

USD / month

Standard plans

From tinkering to titans, we've got your data covered. From hobby projects up to heavy-duty databases (up to 60 CPU, 240GB RAM, and 100GB storage per database).

Custom plans

Do you have any special need that doesn’t fit the standards? We can work with any size database. Just get in touch!

24/7/365 Support From Experts

Get quick answers via live-chat technical support in under two minutes. Your enterprise doesn’t need long waits with a ticket system or tiered support. Only useful and in real-time replies.

An Extension of Your Team

Our live chat support team and site migration experts extend your team’s capabilities and allow you to focus on scaling your business. We’ll handle even the hardest migrations for free.

Simple, transparent pricing for applications of all sizes.
Get premium features free in every tier.
CPU Count
Storage Space
Database 1
0.25 CPU
0.25GB RAM
1GB Storage
$18 USD month
Database 2
0.5 CPU
5GB Storage
$34 USD month
Database 3
10GB Storage
$65 USD month
Database 4
20GB Storage
$145 USD month
Database 5
40GB Storage
$310 USD month
Database 6
60GB Storage
$800 USD month
Database 7
16 CPU
80GB Storage
$1,200 USD month
Database 8
30 CPU
90GB Storage
$1,850 USD month
Database 9
60 CPU
100GB Storage
$3,250 USD month

Automatic backups and one-click restore

Think of your databases as the soul of your website. They hold every vital piece of data, from customer information to product details. Let us help you safeguard them: set up automatic backups, or contact our expert support team and we’ll do it for you.

How’s Your Database

Find out for free. Our experts will run a performance audit and help you find anything that’s slowing your site down.

Got questions?
Well, we've got answers.

Managed Database Faqs

  • How long will it take to migrate my site to WordPress Enterprise?

    The time and effort required for migrating to Phluit will vary depending on the number of websites, their current code, and any necessary modifications to enhance their compatibility with Phluit. Nonetheless, our objective is to launch migrations within 7 days of signing the contract.

  • What type of small businesses choose Phluit as their host?

    Phluit is a specialized WordPress hosting provider that caters to small businesses and organizations that utilize WordPress as their primary website platform. While it serves a diverse clientele, Phluit is widely preferred by agencies, freelancers, online merchants, and a variety of other businesses that demand high-performance, secure, and reliable web hosting solutions.

  • What support does Phluit offer to small business owners?

    Phluit offers comprehensive support to small business owners, including: 24/7 technical support, developer assistance, knowledge base documentation, a dedicated customer success team, and an account manager for each customer account.

  • Is Phluit’s hosting good for WooCommerce shops?

    Absolutely! The top WooCommerce shops choose Phluit and reap the benefits of hosting their shops on top-performing and highly secure infrastructure.

  • What is Managed WordPress hosting? How does it help small businesses?

    A managed WordPress hosting provider like Phluit takes care of the technical aspects of running your WordPress website, allowing you to focus on what you do best--running your business. They handle everything from performance optimization and security to updates and maintenance, so you can rest assured that your website is always up and running smoothly.

  • Do you provide free migrations? Even for large or complicated sites?

    Yes. No matter how big or how difficult. Learn about how to schedule migrations and all the details on or “Free Migrations” page.