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When it comes to security, your website is no different from a brick and mortar business. Just how a security camera scans premises for unwanted visitors, SiteLock Security can scan your website for the same thing. And then ZAP (virtually) blast the intruders. Take that!

With 15% of sites having issues with malware each year, it’s pretttty important you have proper security measures in place. Lucky for you we’ve got just the thing.

Scan ’n’ zap

SiteLock scans your site, identifies the bad stuff, then zaps it outta there.

Weekly reports

Get a weekly scan report so you're up to date on what's happening.

Email alerts

Malware or harmful code detected on your site? You'll know right away.

SMART removal

Our Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART) does all the magic.

Bye bye blacklists

Save your reputation by decreasing your chance of being blacklisted.

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Displaying this can increase conversions by about 15%. Neat!

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Scans your sites for malware and vulnerabilities

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Find, fix and prevent threats with website acceleration

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SiteLock Features

Provides a range of features designed to protect both your website and your business’ reputation

Malware Scan

Proactively monitors for and alerts you about any malware that is detected on your website.

Automatic removal

If a scan finds anything, SiteLock will safely remove any known malware automatically.

Vulnerability Scan

Automatically checks your applications to ensure they're up-to-date and secured against known vulnerabilities.

OWASP Protection

Get protection against the top 10 web app security flaws as recognised by OWASP, the Open Web Application Security Project.


The TrueShield™ Web Application Firewall protects your website against hackers and attacks.

Protect your reputation

Daily scans help detect malware early before search engines have a chance to find it and blacklist your site.

Fast setup

Instant and fully automated setup gives you protection immediately without anything to install.

Content Delivery

Speed up your website by distributing it globally and serving it to your visitors from the closest location for faster page load speeds wherever they are.

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Site Lock Solution Faqs

  • What is SiteLock?

    SiteLock provides simple, fast and affordable website security to websites of all sizes. Founded in 2008, the company protects over 12 million websites worldwide. The SiteLock cloud-based suite of products offers automated website vulnerability detection and malware removal, DDoS protection, website acceleration, website risk assessments, and PCI compliance.

  • What does SiteLock do?

    SiteLock provides comprehensive website security. It performs website daily scans to identify vulnerabilities or malware. When vulnerabilities or malware are found, you will be alerted immediately. Based on your SiteLock scanner, it will automatically remove any malware on your website. For content management system (CMS) websites, SiteLock can automatically patch found vulnerabilities.

  • What types of issues does SiteLock scan for?

    SiteLock has the technology to perform a comprehensive website scan that encompasses: File-based Malware Scanning and Removal: SiteLock performs daily scans of a website's files for malware. If malware is found, the website owner is alerted immediately. SiteLock also offers comprehensive scans to automatically remove the malware. Vulnerability Scanning: SiteLock performs scans of website applications for common vulnerabilities that could lead to a compromise. Application Security and Vulnerability Patching: SiteLock has the technology to automatically patch vulnerabilities in content management systems (CMS).

  • What are vulnerabilities and malware?

    A website vulnerability is a weakness or misconfiguration in a website or web application code that allows an attacker to gain some level of control of the site, and possibly the hosting server. Most vulnerabilities are exploited through automated means, such as vulnerability scanners and botnets. Malware, short for malicious software, is used to gather sensitive data, gain unauthorized access to websites and even hijack computers.

  • What is the SiteLock Trust Seal?

    The SiteLock Trust Seal is a widely-recognized security badge you can display on your website. It is a clear indication that your website is secure and malware-free. To add the seal to your website, simply include the code snippet that SiteLock provides in the footer area of your website.